Ben & Lex Interview and Mix

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If you know Breaks, you know Ben & Lex. If you don’t know about Ben & Lex then you don’t know squat about Breaks. It’s that simple. These boys have been smashing it up and spitting out the pieces for what seems like forever and with a healthy string of releases under the belts and more to come, this dynamic duo will be destroying dancefloors for a good while yet.

They’ve just released a massive freebie in the way of a Cut La Roc remix entitled ‘Freeze’ that you can nab at the bottom of this post alongside a mix to promote the remix. We also asked them a few questions so as to enlighten the few remaining residents of this fine planet who haven’t heard of the mighty Ben & Lex.

Alright Beys? Tell us a little bit about who Ben & Lex are.
A couple of cheery hobbits from the shire with a penchant for dutty bass and beverages.

Cheers for the mix, much appreciated, what was behind your thinking when choosing the tracks?
Just to do as good a job of giving you guys a quick snippet of what sort of stuff we are playing at the moment I guess.

What have you been up to musically over the past year, what’s on the horizon for you guys?
Basically we have just been writing a massive amount of music for one reason or another which has kept us off the road a little bit DJ-wise but it has been worth it fo sheezy!! Got some mad shizzle done. Quantity and quality, it has definitely been a year of building up bass heavy ammo for the next 12 months and beyond.

You’ve done well in the awards stakes recently, picking up a few at the South West DNB awards during the Summer. Does winning awards help you break into new areas or meet new people to work with?
Honestly, not much as you are winning awards in areas that you are probably already known for but it’s always nice to know that you are doing something right as far as the club going public are concerned!

What drives you to keep doing what you do?
So Benny can afford zyder and Star Wars Lego mostly! As for me I would quite literally be found up a clock tower with a sniper rifle if I didnt write music. I go a bit weird if I’m out the studio for too long.

If you could choose one place to perform, where would it be?
Festivals hands down, we love jumping around & playing in big muddy fields. We like djing in them too (boom tish!) Crowds at festivals are just so up for having a party irrelevant of what music it is.

Bigup 5 artists, DJs, websites or labels that people might not have heard about.
Hmmm right, first up label wise is Black Butter Records. They are frickin smashing it with releases all across the bass music spectrum.¬†As an artist we’ve really been diggin ‘Gold’s’ stuff on Jay Cunnings SubSlayers label or ‘Toronto is Broken’. Both have come out the box firing with bad debut EPs. On a purely selfless level of course I should recommend an AWESOME new project called ‘Grand Ruckus’ which is me (Lex) and Terry Hooligans new project. Find us on Facebook etc or Twitter @GrandRuckus coz quite frankly we are ace. Also go and check out Slugrave which is a website and DJ collective for those people who just want to ‘……..Dowwwwwwwn’ ūüėÄ

Has the supposed ‘international financial crisis’ affected the way you’re working or promoting yourself, your tunes or label?
Only that you have to work harder really, go hard or go home is the way. People are having to be really picky about what they spend their money on ( if they do actually spend that is) and you need to try and stand out from the crowd as much as possible, quality control has to be higher I guess.

There’s lots of talk (as there always has been) about file sharing and how it affects producers and labels. How have you dealt with things like seeing your tunes appear on these dodgy sites?
There’s not a lot you can do really. I send cease & desist letters when I find them but they just go back up the next day in a new link on a new site. I guess you have to embrace the fact that lots more people here your tunes than might have before and in turn this may lead to gigs etc where there is a better income these days anyway. It’s not ideal but the music industry model is changing day by day. Gotta try & roll with it or get crushed I spose.

And lastly, Captain Scarlett has take some bad acid and has gone on a rampage taking down everything in his path. SIG will only allow you to take one item from your studio. What do you choose?
Other than me? Back in the day I would have said my Novation Supernova II or my Access Virus but in this modern age it would have to be my Macbook I guess given that now you can write totally inside the box if you want. But if I’m really honest it might be my stuffed Baby Milo monkey, Fuckin Love Monkeys.

So there you have it. A small glimpse inside the workings of one of the hardest working DJ duos in the UK at the moment. If you get a chance to see these guys play then do it. You won’t be disappointed. As promised here’s the link to the free remix:


And here’s the Soundcloud link for the mix:

There’s a 100 download limit so grab it from here if ¬†you can’t get it from Soundcloud.