Richie Blood and Six return with a standard banger of a set. Hip Hop, House, Grime, Jungle etc etc. Featuring a promo mix for London’s Calling from the wonderful Dazzler!

Dont forget to check the big party on 7th September when Bashy Beats goes live in London at the party in Limehouse.

Part 1 – Richie Blood and Six

Clubs & Spades – L.M.L.A.L.
DJ Lok – Asleep
Ricky Vaughn – Blaze (Mosh Up)
Souleance – BBQ & Pimms
Essa – Hey You! ft Devise
Foreign Beggars – Make Those Move
Johnny Pluse – The Shunshine Skank
Javier Morillas – Sugar Free Style
Tee Circus – We Are Lovers (Master)
Pete Graham & Chris Lorenzo – Who Remembers Cassettes?
Brackles – Crybaby
Maxwell D – Dead djs…
Lisa Hyper – Money Don’t Sleep (Rizzla + Blk.Adonis Remix)
Amplify Dot – Kurt Cobain (Kry Wolf Remix)
Venison – Pink Castle Park No 2
Myrryrs – Hard Drive
Walter Ego – Set Off (707 Mix) (feat. Trim)
White label – Justice
Marcus Visionary – Black Widow

Part 2 – Guest mix – Dazzler

Spinna – Hold (featuring Apani)
Debruit – I’m Going Wit You
Afrika Hitech – One Two
Dimlite – Sophisticated Youthpower
Beastie Boys – Crawlspace
Public Enemy – Kevorkian
Amen Andrews – Play
Afrika Hitech – Said Speed
Skream – Rutten
Baby Ford – Normal
Richie Blood – Mad Ova Blunt
Azealia Banks – Fierce (Mafia Kiss Remix)
Orbital – Wonky
Debruit – Nigeria What
Dubbledge – Hit Dat Gash
Hannah Wants & Chris Lorenzo – Dappy
Human Resource – Dominator (Frank de Wulf Remix)
Aphrodite – Superman
Tribe of Issachar – Junglist (Zinc Remix)
Amen Andrews – Murder

Listen or download below and do your ear’s a favour!