Breakdown DNB show tonight (6/2/16) at 10pm (5pm EST)

BreakdownBreakdown returns for another evening packed with varying flavors of drum and bass. Tune in to catch the show tonight or download and stream later on.


Thanks for listening. The episode is now available for download/stream.

Track List: 6-2-16

Num. Title Artist
1 Tandem Emperor
2 Sprocket Maztek
3 Absence Kg
4 No Hurry Time Logistics
5 Ever So Slightly (Artificial Intelligence Remix) Lenzman
6 The Wurly Tune Commix
7 Sweet Sundays (Original 12″ Mix) Paul SG & Jay Rome
8 No More Calibre
9 Foreign Dub Big Bud
10 Woodblock Riddim (Original) KG
11 Break The Rules Subtension & MC Nuklear
12 Arboria (Original Mix) KC, NC-17
13 Whatever (Mefjus Remix) Optiv & BTK
14 Heavyweight (Original Mix) AKOV
15 Headcase (TBT Remaster) Ewun and Evol Intent
16 Long Gone Noisia & Evol Intent
17 Danse Macabre (Original Mix) State Of Mind
18 War Bunker (Original Mix) Disphonia
19 Shaking Hands Noisia
20 Drizzle (Black Sun Empire VIP) Black Sun Empire & Audio
21 Time Gap Maztek
22 Think Twice Bcee
23 Music Is Music Technimatic
24 The Only Star SubSid,L-Side
25 Road Sings (Hugh Hardie Remix) Zoe Phillips
26 Refusal (Alix Perez Remix) Zero Tolerance Feat. Steo
27 Vermillion Technicolour, Komatic, Jayma
28 No Reply Calibre
29 Never Can Decide (Ivy Lab Remix) Anushka
30 All Night [Etherwood Remix] Camo & Krooked
31 Watch My World Burn feat. 2Shy (Original Mix) Axiom
32 Extrasolar Neonlight
33 Breakthrough Optiv & BTK
34 Mock (Original Mix) Teddy Killerz
35 Stoppit Spor
36 Stampede Audio
37 Coffee Commix, Nu:Tone & Logistics
38 In Too Deep Optiv & CZA
39 Silhouette Intersoul
40 Fly Away Nu:Tone
41 Tranquility Of A White Rose Avizura
42 Greencard Saxxon
43 Suffocate (Original Mix) The Prototypes
44 Pale Blue Dot The Prototypes
45 Extrasolar Neonlight
46 Midnight Nation Optiv
47 Breeder (Original Mix) Bowsar, Maject
48 High Times Dementia, Disphonia & Rregula
49 Space & Time Mindscape
50 Limber (Optiv & BTK Remix) Maztek
51 Your Eyes Duoscience
52 Greencard Saxxon
53 Glow Worm Logistics
54 Launch Sequence Komatic & Technicolour