Subsize 15.03.17 [Download]

By March 15, 2017News, Subsize

Subsize is back for its bi-weekly show on Host Tenz is in the driving seat with 2 hours of bass music culture from around the Globe.

This weeks show includes the latest offerings from Fanu, Yogi and Tickster, Invaderz, Gardna and Kreed, Sherwood and Pinch and Imanzi. Listen back for a guide to worldwide bass from one of the UK’s mosts forward thinking bass music brands.

Track List:
Octoplane – Dissident & Cyberworm
Through Space – Cyrah
Rewind – Subduktion
Everything Is One – Fanu
Caprice – Trilo & Entita
Fear Death Love – Onism Qi
Axis – Fractale
32 – Dyl & Entire
Regrets ft Brownstudy – Sinistarr
Trust Fall – Pen
Substance – Cryptographic
Control – Shift
Kills Every Sound (DJ Hybrid Remix) – Crisis & Ikon B
Otherworld – Fanu
Deep in My Mind – Yogi and Trickster
Roll Call [On-U Sound] – Sherwood Pinch
Transmitter – D Flect
Shadows – Dyl
This Tune – Itoa
Mirror – Subwave
Killa sound – Invadhertz
Five Ounces – Fanu
Monday Dub – Gardna x Kreed
Cycles – Alex SLK
It Goes Like – Jumpat
Strange Attractor (Sully Remix) – Itoa
Meta Realm – Onism Qi
Ragga – Imanzi