Techno Music Presented by Deep Imported Pressure 10/09/2017

Techno Music Presented by Deep Imported Pressure 10/09/2017

George Cross – Deep Imported Pressure

Another episode George Cross’s Deep Imported Pressure this Sunday from 8pm GMT, with all things techno, deep house and everything in between.

Killa new tracks from  Gotshell, Bryan Chapman,Blurred,Bosh,Danny Rodriguez, Deadwalkman.
With some heavy hitting beats from Eternal Sleeper and Nervejammer from the boys at Taro Division 

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Track List

01) Signal From Another World Dany Rodriguez Touchdown To Another World EP
02) The Nerf Herders – Eep 3eaZe (Jabba Hut Mix) Darren Harris
03) Noble Habitus Paul Mac & Figure-Ground Virtues Values & Venom EP
04) Challenger – Peter Van Hoesen Life Performance (EP)
05) D flick reason pre master George Cross
06) Purple Chord (Gotshell Remix) Deadwalkman 2 Mathematical Chords GND Records
07) Aswan Gotshell The Old World EP
08) Take Control (Surgeon Remake) James Ruskin Conspiracy EP.
09) Mattias Fridell # Egressing–Mattias Fridell Suspected
10) TAR21 2 SØRN – Define TAR21
11) Seppuku Bryan Chapman Jnana Found, Jagrat Begins EP
12)  Purple Chord (Gotshell Remix) Deadwalkman Mathematical Chords GND Records
13) Expo 97 Dany Rodriguez Touchdown To Another World EP
14) Signal  Developer Liberation Signals
15) Convergenza (Rustal Remix) Bosh Convergenza SubspecI
16) con (Killawatt Remix) Paul Mac & Kryptic Minds Tactical Collection 17) TAR25 1 Nervejammer – Modern Weapon
18) Ulterior Motive (Original Mix) [WORK THEM RECORDS] Setaoc Mass
19) Warm Bodies Rumah & Progression Wind Up and Squeeze EP
20) Transversal Oscar Mulero


21) In from the Night P.A.S Peacefrog
22) Smokin  Randomer L.I.E.S
23) Unknown Remote
24) The Wave Switch Craft  Abstracat Dance
25) Flat Axe  Shed Ost-ton-gut
26) Shock System Disco Inferno Ep 2  Tortured
27) Payback EP Mark Broom
28) Swarm  Technasia  Sino
29) The Motive P.A.S The Drone Sector Peacefrog
30) Kraak Pwog Rejammed Mark Broom remix  KK
31) You Thought it   P.A.S The Drone Sector  Peacefrog