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Dimer Ynni aka Anthony Watkins is a Swansea based producer.

Dimer Ynni is an electronica and ambient project by Anthony Watkins.
Anthony started djing Trance at the age of 13 and having a few musical transitions, eventually finding a passion for house and techno.
Over the years he has had multiple residencies with Digital Sessions, Junk, Escape, Monkey Bar, Rehab, whilst playing regular slots at Dogruff and Platform. He finds influence from the local scene and international artists such as Sasha, Richie Hawtin, Loco Dice, Max Cooper, Raresh, Ben Klock, Tale of us & Recondite to name a few.
Anthony first learnt the basics of music production whilst studying Music Technology at college. Although, it would be a few years later that his productions would take fold, with multiple techno releases as a solo artist and also part of a live act called Cymbol, a collaboration project with close friend, Dan Knight.

Playing as a live act Anthony experimented with different production techniques and instruments, and eventually took up music theory and keyboard lessons. Anthony has always had a yearning to produce more ambient, melodic music, outside of the genre constraints of House & Techno, taking fresh inspiration from acts like Bonobo, Nils Frahm, Radiohead, Alt J, James Blake and a few local acts.

Dimer Ynni was born as an electronica alias. He tries to convey emotion through the melody using recordings and samples that have relevance to each tracks story.

Anthony also runs a Vinyl record label with Dan knight called Cambium Collective.

Producing Melodic | Emotive | Electronic music Dimer Ynni has recently covered Hans Zimmer’s ‘Cornfield Chase’ from the movie Interstellar.
The film is one of his all time favourites and there are snippets of the movie throughout the track:

With the unsigned track Nocturnal the producer explains “I spent some time in Thailand a few years back, recorded many sounds there. Including the sound of the jungle in Chang Mai. You may hear this sampled in this track”:

And with the track Galactic…”NASA kindly released some of their recordings of space. Some were sampled in Galactic.
The sound recording of Earth is beautiful. This was used as the background sound & a recording of a comet made a great percussive click.”

You can download the track Interstellar (Dimer Ynni electronic remix) on the producer’s Soundcloud page HERE

You can also find Dimer Ynni on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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