Welcome to Brap.FM,

We’re a collective of DJs, producers and performers all brought together by our universal love of music. We’ve been live on the Internet for over 8 years now and during that time we’ve grown from a small part time operation to something that you might even go so far as to called organised. We’re not a normal Internet radio station, we don’t have a studio, we don’t play jingles and we don’t have 1000’s of listeners. Brap.FM is a platform for DJs and producers to spread their love of music to wider audiences and we do that by hosting live shows and then making those shows available to download either directly or via a podcast.

As DJs we have plenty of experience under our belt. Some of us started DJing before we had driving licenses and could legally by booze. We’ve grown up with the music and witnessed the explosion of dance music from early acid house, rave and breakbeat to the spectrum of sounds we call dance music today. From all the massive raves in the 90’s, dirty back room gigs in pubs, 5k rigs in the middle of a field or inside health and safety nightmares on industrial estates to the more established venues up and down the country; we’ve seen it all.

Most of our DJs are involved in music in a serious way one way or another. Some of us run our own nights, some of us run our own labels and some of us produce. Many of our DJs have gone on to DJ at festivals such as Glade, Glastonbury, Nozstock, Willowman, Dimensions and Aeon to name just a few.

We love what we do. We do it well.

If Brap.FM is something you’d like to get involved with then drop us a line.