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The Smithson Martin KS-1974

Written by Jealouskid on . Posted in Knobs & Buttons

Old meets the future on this touchscreen controller from Smithisn Martin. It looks like it has been ripped out of the Millennium Falcon’s dashboard. 22″ of strengthened touchscreen loveliness set in a wooden stand for that vintage feel.
Oh you want one? you’re looking at about £1,500


Behringer CMD STUDIO 4A

Written by Moif on . Posted in Knobs & Buttons


Looks like Behringer are trying to up their game with the release of their new CMD series of DJ controllers. Some of you may be cowering in the corner at the idea of this and I’d be inclined to agree. However it all depends on where they choose to position themselves in the market. If Behringer are thinking of going up against some of the big boys here such as NI’s S2 and S4 then they may have their work cut out for them. Personally I’d hope to see these priced alongside Reloop and the lower end Numark products.