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Another fine selection of prime tunes served up by Richie Blood and Six for your listening pleasure. Plenty of variety as usual and a bit of Star One showcase cause we’re loving their sound right now.

All the tunes played were tweeted here if you want to know.

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The Shiso Room 19/09/14 @20:00 (GMT)

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Recent activities have prompted our sideways thinking, lateral minded and often scatter-brained host to put together something a little different this week.
As we ponder the possible collapse of the union, the irritating actions of “well past it” Irish daddy rockers and South African judicial services making no sense whatsoever, we thought it was about time to take a crazy “trip” of our own.
Join us for a two hour journey from the blues filled Bayous all the way to thumping laser-etched Berlin, with a little stop off in a “chainsaw vocalised” industrial wasteland.
It’s gonna be a little different, then again so is everything at the moment.