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No Warning Shot – 22nd January 2014 – The Homecoming

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So No Warning Shot is Brap after 2 years in the wild eating slugs and drinking polluted puddle water. What can I say? Its great to be back. This weeks show feature two hours of tech house and techno garnered over the last two year. Heres where I am, some old, some new but all worthy of the roller disco. The show starts with a classic and then some more stripped back stuff culminating in a 30 minute techno work out at the end

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Brap.FM at Glade Festival 2012 – guy_the_rev photo blog

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Well what can I say about Glade? It was everything and more than I expected. This year was the second time I chanced my arm at Glade so I was as keen as mustard to get there in the days before that I had to work and get back to what Vice magazine once described as “the messiest festival- and I dont mean litter..”


So Friday morning finally came and I nipped into Norijager city centre to get a fresh sleeping bag, duvet and a few other bits and headed to the Bus station. This would be the first time I would solely rely on public transport to get to and from a festival, in hindsight this wasnt the smartest idea that Ive ever had, lots of bag carrying and weirdos on the bus.

When I finally did get to the site, it had rained pretty hard, I soon knew though that the vibe for the weekend was a strong one on the site as I had to leave my belongings with some complete strangers so that I could trek down through the site to find the press tent. A night and afternoon of heavy rain had rendered the site not very suitcase friendly… Anyhow all my stuff complete with booze and fags was still there 20 minutes later when I returned to pick it all up. Many thanks to you two guys if your reading this diary.

So I rolled up to the press tent around 4.30pm to meet with Kev after a pretty brutal 4 hour mission on public transport from Norwich. Dont ask me why it took so long but it did. He wasnt about so I chilled out and got to know some of the people I would be spending the next few days with and started to hit up the cider with the guys. Kev showed up around 6 so we went and chucked my kit in the tent and headed off to the Glade stage just in time to catch the last 30 minutes or so of Foreign Beggars. Nice.

Then the evening for me really kicked with a killer set from Tricka Technology (Krafty Kutz and A Skillz with Dynamite MC) who played more ill shit than you can shake a stick at. The tent was boiling, the sound system pumping -it sounded amazing in there, I would have cut digits off to be left for a couple of hours mixing on there- and the particular madness that is their sound was rolling. A definate 10/10. Unfortunatly  the lack of mobile signal here destroyed the chance of an interview with Krafty Kutz and A Skillz, cant be helped, but annoying none the less.

The following couple of hours were spent on the Liquid stage in the woods, here we got a bit of everything from sexy Techno/Electro to Breaks. Niquid smashed it and got me vibed up for the rest of the days rave. Next some chap called Tom Real rinsed the hell out of the Liquid soundsystem. The crowd were full on up for it by this point as the sun was going down and the woodland location smacked of illegal parties, I was very much at home here and continued to be so for a good long while… I must have raved to James D’Ley but time was flying and before I knew it my eyes were being stimulated with the visual delights of Electrixx ‘Daft Punk’ esq LED costumes. Liquid lived up to its strapline for certain “Set in the woods and open way past dawn, this is the place to see in the new day.”

Then the proper night came and the booze started to twist me a little- the visual entertainment on offer was top draw, the pyramid in the centre of the arena was lit up by numerous projectors playing a multitude of colourful and at the same time strangely interesting patterns.. Just next to this was The Pyromid stage that was offering 3D sound. Mint. The evenly distributed grooves there kept on rolling well into the morning, very smooth House and Techno (as far as my memory serves me)

So by 3am I was starting to flag somewhat, a combination of tiredness from raving very hard, cider and several strong G&T’s had rendered me eric wasted. I was just about ready for sleep when I went to one of the boutique coffee shops for a triple espresso, it gave me the second wind I needed to keep on dancing. Kevin and I then checked out the Meteor stage as the sun was coming up. I think it was Psy Trance but Im not sure. The key part was the soundsystem built into the floor, that was pretty nuts to be fair, my whole body vibrated, it was hard to see even as there was so much bass coming through the floor, mind you that could have been the mandy.

This part of the night is a little patchy though Im sure Ill remember when I look through the photos. Also it was around this point I seem to remember challanging Kev to a gin addled smash about on the dodgems. Last time I rode one I nearly bit my tongue off so it was nice to have a go and escape injury free, great times, where else can you drive about leagally that pissed up. Im really not sure…

The rest of the night was spent in a tent called Inspiral listening to a guy who I thought looked a fair bit like Riccardo Villalobos rinse out smooth Tech House grooves which was just what I needed to keep me on going.

By 8am the whole site had wound down to a standstill, I was pretty much the last person in the arena I think so I decided to call it a night.

Time for 3 hours of sleep…

Day one completed.

Hello Saturday.

So I got up around 11 and Slugraved, washed down with lashings of techno after. Bassment tent has been rocking out the coolest tunes all weekend long, Im very much a fan of this tent, the music policy and the people who came with it.

Then I moved on to ETA where I heard the best tune Ive heard in a very long time played- got to shazamm that one when I get home.. (Edit- it was Tim Green, Revox – Justin Martin remix. Old but great and summed up the vibe of the tent nicely) Smooth tech house grooves played back to back by pretty much the only guys in the festival using midi controllers. Most of the acts Ive seen so far have been very low tech, I think that its been a nice touch to get back to simplicity for a couple of days. Kevin has been a massive fan of the ETA tent and said thats its the most consistant tent in terms quality of tunes, always rocking.

I then spent a few hours in the press tent relaxing and chilling with a couple of friends from the Shire before heading up to the bar to meet Pook and Benny. Several ciders was consumed… We then all headed down to the Glade stage where we spent most of the day, Killa Flaw, Oliver Huntemann and Stephan Bodzin then took care of the early part of the evenings entertainment.

Oli began with some rolling Minimal Techno that bubbled and fizzed and slowly brought up the atmosphere ready for Stephan who kicked the minimal in the teeth and went for maximum techno this set rocked, Pook and I raved bloody hard for 4 hours in this simmering Techno cauldron..


Stephan had some cool looking wireless midi controller/fx type unit, I did go back stage to try to get a photo but I couldnt get a clear view. To my suprise I also found the main sound engineer fast asleep, its a hard life eh…

Then I met with Benny again and Farmer and proceeded to rave our way around the whole site by using Bennys, “two tune technique”, Origin and Liquid amongst others were raved until we got back to the Bassment tent where I watched Ben and Lex play for a while before I came to my senses, to my suprise I was in the Rabbit Hole now by some act of festival god- I keep on getting little flashbacks from the night, like caining balloons and crawling through the tunnel coming to my senses wondering where I was and what just happened… There have been many moments like this and as they come to me Ill post them up here.

By 2 am I was well and truly knackered and falling asleep on my feet, so I put my head in through the door of Sven Vath for a short while and then left for the relitive saftey and comfort of the tent. I needed an hour or so of sleep, but this plan didnt happen. Kev did try to wake me up around 3am but it was a massive fail on my part. I was dead to the world and showed very few signs of life according to my fellow Brapper until 6am and then back to sleep until 12…


Day Three.

Sunday, eurgh, Sunday. So I woke up feeling a little less than refreshed due to the unspeakably high temperature in the tent this morning, but Im willing to bet that I was fresher than a great many of the other revelers on site. I got up had breakfast and headed onto the site to go flyering, stickering, snapping, filming and (futilely) trying to find people for interviews. Moblie signal had a really negative effect on co-ordinating people for interviews but never mind eh.

I spent a few hours then just getting round the site and spreading the Brap.Fm word by distributing flyers and stickers to likely looking victims. A short while later and more than half of the flyers were gone. As for stickering we got them everywhere. Numerous people I met over the weekend who asked what I was doing at the festival laughed when I told them I was Brap as the stickers had got everywhere from the extrmities of the festival to the very bowels of its deepest raves.

I was finally winding up for the day as I though I was working on Monday morning and beginning to get packed away and head home when I got an email from my work colleague saying to not come home- my boss who I presumed had a black hole where his heart should be had given me Monday off work, RESULT!! Out came the gin once again and off down to ETA and Bassment to check out the afternoon entertainment.

Several hours of milling about in the warm afternoon sun commenced as Kev and I chilled out and tried to hear as much music as possible. We then went and saw the Stanton Worriors who played their classic cut up Breakbeat and Big Beat thing. Other times that Ive seen them they have gone down the route of hip hop mashes interspersed with classic breaks and rocked out Big Beat. This time was a bit different though. The show had a really cool Old Skool House slash 90’s ravey vibe to it. The crowd went wild for this set and was a really nice way to start building the evening up towards the festivals climax. It was pretty tight in the Glade stage by this point and people were knocking into one another a lot. I lost a pint to my trouser leg but just didnt care, the tunes were rolling and it still wasnt raining.

Finally we returned to Bassment in the late evening to see No Warning Shot show friends Millions like Us tear a new one out of Bassment with some frantic DnB interspersed with their unique Dubstep styles. Big shout out to the Harrington brothers, very enjoyable tunes.

By this time it was getting close to the climax of the festival so Kev and I got geared up with cameras and laptops and headed off to find a good spot to view the burning Pyromid and firework display. This wasnt before we had a quick ride on the big wheel to film the site from high above and swing the cabins to get a bit more life out of it all. Haha it was windy up on the top there and Kev seemed a lot more keen on the idea of fucking about on it. Maybe Im just rulesy when it comes to swinging about 50 feet up in the air with bugger all holding us in.

So the culmination of the festival was nearly upon us. Around 22.30 fire artists brandishing all different types of incenduary sticks, whips and ropes had surrounded the Pyromid and begun to do tricks and dance to the tunes that were still going on. Unfortunatly I have neither the piece of mind or the skills required to fully describe the visual feast of setting fire to a 30 foot high pyramid with fireworks so Im mainly going to leave this part of the story up to your eyes to decide for you. We must have been 70 metres away from that gigantic bonfire and you could feel the heat on your face even through the increasingly fridgid night time air.

Well thats about it now for 2012, as cliched as it sounds the entire weekend was EPIC. All I can say is roll on Glade Festival 2013. Ill be back for certain…. Rev