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International Women’s Day-Transition/Cover – Free Download

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In celebration of International Womens Day a cover of Underground Resistance’s Detroit techno classic Transition made solely by women is available for free download.

Produced by Violet, vocals by A.M.O.R., Coco Solid, Mamacita, Nancy Whang and Nightwave in English, Portuguese, Spanish and Maori.

This year’s theme for International Woman’s Day  is  “Make it happen”

You can download the track and find out more about the artists here:

Radar with Emma Jayne January 2015

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This month’s show features music from the debut album from Lake People entitled Purposely Uncertain Field which is released on 6th February on Permanent Vacation.


Martin Enke or Lake People as the majority has become to know him has definitely taken his time for his debut album “Purposely Uncertain Field“, given his success from an early stage on and the quick development of the distinctive Lake people sound. But it wasn’t until 2012’s “Point in Time“ EP on Krakatau that his music became enjoyable for a wider audience.

Thanks to Dixon & Ame and numerous other DJs, who included the tracks in their sets and mixes the “Point in Time” EP can be considered a big game changer in Lake People’s career. Without riding a big hype wave Martin lived up to the increasing expectations with a bunch of EPs, on which he refined his production skills. Following the popularity of his own music, Martin also became a sought-after remixer for such acts as Lusine on Ghostly International or Dixon & Guy Gerber on Gerber’s newly found Rumours label. A loyal fan base of his meditative, somehow spiritual, yet powerful house sound grew over the years and made Martin an in demand producer and celebrated live act.

After the fertile collaboration on the “Uneasy Hiding Places“ EP (including the stand-out track “Brooklyn“) and a contribution on the third chapter of the “If This Is House I Want My Money Back“ compilation, Martin has found in Permanent Vacation the perfect home for his debut album.

On “Purposely Uncertain Field“ Lake People doesn’t fall into the trap of repeating himself or recreating a successful formula. Instead he puts all his musical knowledge and his experience into the eleven tracks of the album and expands his already rich sound universe. Above his straighter dancefloor aspects Martin elaborates his approaches to a certain mid 90’s electronica vibe and ambient-like soundscapes with a very cinematic feel to it. Thus he brilliantly manages the difficult task of creating a transcendent and consistent album without losing any tension over the full length.


Last Magpie – Initial Losing Suki
Mehmet Aslan – Mechanical Turk (Courtesy Of Karpov not Kasparov) Huntleys & Palmers
Afriqua – Leap (Tom Ellis remix) Save You
OCH – The Magic Flute PAL SL
Elextra – Your Voodoo Midnight Social Recordings
Al Bradley – Shadowboxer (Funtom remix) Forward Education
Lake People – Lamb Shift Permanent Vacation
Edistant – My Destination (Mr Fiel remix) Release Sustain
Jay Shepheard- Dance Language Retrofit
Gorge – Azuka 8 Bit Germany
Angel Stoxx – The Bot Keno Germany
Culoe De Song – Y.O.U.D. Innervisions Germany
Lake People – Cooping Permanent Vacation
Anaxander – Wild Grass (original mix) Boe Recordings
Andrey Pushkarev – Between The Mountains Circus Company France
Lake People – Glease 29 Permanent Vacation
Craig Richards – Batty One The Nothing Special
Butch – Delusion Desolat Germany
Zemaitis, Aras – Heya Endemic Digital
Barber – Silk Worm Cubism
Lake People – Illuminated Permanent Vacation

Caribou says Thank You with THE LONGEST MIXTAPE : 1000 Songs For You

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Caribou has put together a mixtape, 1000 tracks long, He has described it as the musical history of his life, and it’s to say thank you to his fans.

THE LONGEST MIXTAPE : 1000 Songs For You




“The last few years of my life have been incredible, thanks in large part to all of you – so I’ve been thinking of how to say thank you.
As you can imagine, music has been a central love of my life since I was a teenager and over the years I’ve been introduced to a lot that has stayed with me. I’ve collected the majority of that music here – and I thought sharing it with you seemed like one way I could say thanks.

I’m sure some things are under-represented or over-represented, but roughly speaking this is a musical history of my life. Of course a lot of this music has come to me through my friends – thank you to Koushik, Kieran, Jeremy, Gary, Brandon, Jason, Sam, Ketan, Ryan, Toby and many others…
Also, please share music with me that you think I would like but is not included here, in the hope this becomes a dialogue rather than a monologue.

I suggest you listen to this on shuffle as I made no attempt to sequence these tracks – I just entered them as I browsed along the shelves in my record collection. If you see dead links or duplicate songs please tweet me @caribouband.

Due to a fault in youtube’s playlist coding if you embed this playlist it will be truncated down to 200 tracks. Hopefully they will resolve that at some point but for now if you want to hear all 1000 songs you need to listen at the link below.


I hope you find something to enjoy here. Thanks,”


Caribou plays Brixton Academy on 14 March and will headline Field Day on 6 June.

Radar with Emma Jayne October 2014 Podcast

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Radar 2014 Oct

Emma Jayne hosts Radar on Brap FM. Tune in for a varied session of new releases in house and techno – from the straight up deep and techy styles through to the more dark and twisted business.

It’s been a long hot summer!

We’re featuring promos from Graze,  and Avalon Emerson in this months podcast. Graze release their second album Soft Gamma Repeater on New Kanada on 17th November and Avalon Emerson releases Let me Love and Steal on Spring Theory on 20th October.
PLUS both tracks from Mr. Tophat & Art Alfie’s  KVKR300 EP released on Karlovak later this month. Finally repressed, this much sought-after double-header ended up as the No 1 track of the year 2013 on Resident Advisor.

Mark Henning – The Horror Swing Records
25 Places – X9 (Original Mix) Late Night Running
Thomas AS – Melancholy Expressions Act Natural
Cera Alba – Collision (Original Mix) Electronique
Dachshund – Alone With You 8 Bit
Stimming – China Tree feat. Piper Davis Papa Germany
Mr Tophat and Art Alfie – I Want To See You (Molly Remix) Karlovak
Robert Dietz – Sweatshop Pherrox Desolat
Midland – Duster (New Mix) AUS
Avalon Emerson – Honest Ganster Spring Theory
Merachka – Undegroove Parker Music Works
Luca Ballerini – Alibi Be as One Recordings
Mind Against – Avalon Life and Death
Graze – Veil (Empty Mix) New Kanada
Curses – Call the Doctor (Riton Remix) Throne of Blood
Matrixxman – Caravan Spectral Sound US
Felix Bernhardt – Flying Feeds (Eric Kanzler Remix) Treibjagd
Midland – Pitch AUS
Mr Tophat and Art Alfie – Karlovak (Joel Mull Remix)
Specialivery – Kinesia Tessier Ashpool Recordings
Graze- Swarz New Kanada
Paul Kalkbrenner – Sky and Sand (Robag Wruhme Remix) Paul Kalkbrenner Music

Panorama Bar 06 Mixed by Ryan Elliott-Free Download

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The Panorama Bar mix series on Ostgut Ton returns with volume 06, mixed and compiled by Panorama Bar and Berghain resident Ryan Elliott.


“I first played Panorama Bar on July 7th, 2007 and I have been playing there regularly since. I remember entering the club and feeling all those things everyone feels when they enter Berghain or Panorama Bar for the first time – excitement, joy, tension, fear… almost every emotion. I’m a lot more comfortable playing there now after all that time naturally, but all those emotions are still present in every set.

Panorama Bar has, to me, always stood for quality house music. I still play many of the same records there that I did in the beginning. Of course many new records have come and gone in those seven years of sets, but my musical direction has never changed. The title of the mix is “Panorama Bar 06 – Ryan Elliott”, it is my version of what Panorama Bar sounds like.

I knew I wanted to have roughly 30 to 40 tracks on the mix. Also, because the mix wouldn’t be a physical CD anymore, I wanted to have two EPs of exclusive material, to add a little more of a physical element. I started the A+R process for the exclusive material in February 2014. I received so much good music that we decided to put five tracks on each of the EPs, totaling 10 exclusive tracks. After that I started going through all my records and folders of music to pick the remaining material. In a perfect world, I could have used any song on the mix that I wanted. But, there is the agreement from the tracks’ owners to consider. Saying that, there were only 2 or 3 records that I wanted to use on the mix that I wasn’t able to for one reason or another.

The most important thing to me was that the mix actually sounds like a night at the club. That it would contain tracks that I’ve played in the club many times. I wanted the mix to contain a few of my Panorama Bar ‘classics’. Because of the new format of the mix, I was a little concerned that some of the older producers wouldn’t be up for giving their agreement for using their tracks, but for the most part I was pleasantly surprised. Besides a few classics, I really wanted a wide range of songs on the mix. Some old, some new and unreleased, some new and released, exclusives, etc.

I don’t view Panorama Bar 06 as just another ‘free downloadable mix’. This mix is available as a fully mastered wave file, includes full artwork and is complimented by two EPs of exclusive material. Vinyl still exists because it’s a fidelity and physical thing for DJs. DJs actually use it to do their jobs. We don’t see many tapes or 8-tracks being sold now and the CD will soon go the same way. I made the mix as long as it should be, without thinking about time limitations. We can do that now!”

– Ryan Elliott, Berlin, August 2014 –

This mix is dedicated to my friends.

Download for free and get the full tracklist on his soundcloud page:


Click HERE  to get the vinyl on Kompakt

Free Download: Artifact – Let’s Sweat

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artifact 1

“Bristol based producer Artifact has been busy making seriously big beats. Rising star Ryan Bonefield has been crafting his own bass heavy house/techno sound, gaining big support from the liked of Mosca and Mary Anne Hobbs and now gets ready to drop the incredible How Did You Change EP on Huxley’s label, Saints & Sonnets. Getting you warmed up for the release, i-D Magazine exclusively share something fresh from the man himself. Time to get hot. Press play and treat yourself to a free download of something deep.@ryanartifact”



Radar with Emma Jayne feat. tracks from the album Code by Answer Code Request

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Emma Jayne hosts Radar on Brap FM. Tune in for a varied session of new releases in house and techno – from the straight up deep and techy styles through to the more dark and twisted business.


This week’s show features tracks from the debut album of Berlin producer Answer Code Request. The album is released on Ostgut Ton later this month.

“Code“ is the debut LP from Berlin producer Answer Code Request on Ostgut Ton. Whether his DJ sets, the increasing appearances as a live act or with impressive releases on Marcel Dettmann Records and his own label ACR – as an emergent Berghain resident, Patrick Gräser is also one of the new exciting faces on the label. After the “Breathe EP“, his debut release on Ostgut Ton, his first long-player was not only a matter of time, but the next logical step.

Click HERE  for Ostgut Ton’s website, more information and how to buy the album.

Answer Code Request – Code Ostgut Ton
Adana Twins – Drive (feat Khan) Exploited Germany
Greg K – KikiAAs Beat Cuberec
Youandewan – FM Jam AUS
Bara Brost- Sexy Beast Karera
Answer Code Request – By The Bay Ostgut Ton
Rework – It’s Fun You Know Loveyeah
Igor Vincente – Mystericordia Mobilee Germany
Diva – Omni New Kanada
Answer Code Request – Field Depth Ostgut Ton
James Welsh – Wanderlust (Ste Roberts remix) Shabby Doll
Tom Almex – Home Delude
Ten Walls – Walking With Elephants Boso
Answer Code Request – Status Ostgut Ton
Enawadean – Reborn (Tuff City Kids Remix) Sonar Kollektiv
Dana Ruh – To Me Work Them
Mattrixman – Soul M8 Soo Wavey
Lurka – Holding Black Acre
Answer Code Request – Zenith Ostgut Ton
Diva – Siren to Siren New Kanada
The Chosen Two – Siouxsie’s House Powder & Louder

Thanks for listening.

Nightmares on Wax announces ‘NOW is the Time’ Album

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After 25 years of producing and recording music, Nightmares On Wax – Warp Record’s longest serving artist – will release N.O.W IS THE TIME on 16th June. The album will comprise a special selection of N.O.W highlights, and the full tracklisting will be revealed over the coming weeks via streaming services.

This highly anticipated album will also be available in a special Deep Down box set edition for fans, with the 2 discs best-of accompanied by 2 exclusive vinyl LPs and a 12” x 12” book of unseen photographs, memorabilia and extensive interviews with key figures in the development of Nightmares On Wax, including Warp co-founder Steve Beckett, original Nightmares member Kev Harper, Robin Taylor-Firth, and George himself – conducted by Bill Brewster (author of Last Night A DJ Changed My Life). The 2 vinyl LPs feature unreleased tracks; rarities such as their collaboration with De La Soul, classic remixes from the likes of LFO and Mr Scruff, and brand new re-works by Morgan Geist, Optimo, Loco Dice, Special Request and Ashley Beedle.

Click HERE  for more info and tour dates.

Watch a retrospective documentary directed by Rollo Jackson, giving insight into NOW’s long-standing career and 25 years of music history.

“The real heartwarming sort of thing about doing this project, and celebrating this project, is that everybody I asked to do a remix was honoured to do it. This is what this has been about is really, really getting back to why you even make music, what is this relationship to music. Because it is fun and I love it. Full Stop.” – George Evelyn (Nightmares on Wax)