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Listening to: Deetron’s Music Over Matter (Music Man Records)

Written by Amy Zamarripa Solis on . Posted in News, Reviews

deetron_mmlp040_outersleeve.inddI’m always on the look out for new good music, so I was happy to receive a heads up about Deetron’s album Music Over Matter at the end of last month, out on Belgian label Music Man Records. This is the Swiss techno artist’s second album, eight years in the waiting.

In Music Over Matter, Deetron’s artistic expression weaves an interesting musical vein through the house genre on this overall danceable 13 track album. The album is an eclectic mix of house and tech house.

Gaur – Sagenz (Techno/Tech-house)(Digital Release) (Pay What You Want)

Written by Randypanda on . Posted in Audio, Interview, News, Reviews

Gaur the newly formed partnership of Elliott Gregg & Aaron Udy will be dropping their second release “Sagenz” today (July 1st!). A pay what you want digital release on their own label, Remit Sounds.

Sagenz described in one word would be “groovy”, the kind of thing your going to bop your head to and swing those hips whether you like it or not. The infectious riddim from that bassline will put some swag in your step for sure.

Sonic Construction’s From Now Til It’s Done (Mindbending)

Written by Amy Zamarripa Solis on . Posted in Interview, News, Reviews


Bass heavy fans need to get their ears round London producer Sonic Construction’s genre-packed 9-track debut album From Now Til It’s Done. This ambitious album doesn’t try to hit just one genre – it’s a fast romp across several electronic music genres, a bit like going to a festival without leaving your house. Nine tracks, any genres: drum n bass, dub step, breaks and techno, plus a bit of ambient/chillout for when you’re feeling a bit worn out by too much dancing.

Monk3yLogic – Control the Void EP (Broken Records)

Written by Archives on . Posted in Audio, News, Reviews


So, I don’t normally do this, but this release is so damn good it deserves a post all of its own. Monk3yLogic have been on my radar since I heard Where’s the Car?, a bouncy piece of electro breaks that has found its way into damn near all of my sets. Now they are back with a huuuuuuuge EP and Too Dusty on remix duty. I’ll pass it over to Broken Records to give you all the details below; but take note, this one is big big big!