The Shiso Room : Cover Version 14.11.14 @20:00[GMT]

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Eager to dispel any rumours of becoming “yet another dance show”; which is all right, but not for me. Thought it’s about time to delve into some of the more abstracted realms of my burgeoning tune collection. This week, it’s all about tracks we all know and love, but done by other folk. Yes, cover versions and altered rearranged interpretations of stuff we’re mostly familiar with. Oh, and just to appease the EDM masses, we’ll be signing off with a meaty serving of Breaks

New Techno Shows on Brap.FM

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We like to keep it interesting here on Brap.FM and we’ve added two new shows to our Monday night Techno roster. Please join us in welcoming The Maltese Massive Dance show and the fabled Octopus Recordings Radio Show. Both shows debut this evening with Maltese Massive at 6PM and Octopus a little later at 11PM.